Hospital Flooring and Temporary Hospital Flooring Solutions

Getting the perfect flooring for a hospital is not as straightforward as it may appear. There are many factors to consider from non-slip safety to directional way finder flooring plus durability through to the healing benefits. Your flooring is a crucial part of the hospital environment.

We are going to look at each area of the hospital and what your flooring requirements may be.

Hospital Entrance Areas

This area of the hospital is the place where first impressions are made, much like any other commercial establishment. It is high in footfall traffic and may have seating areas, shops and reception desks.

The first impressions count, you obviously want your hospital to be clean and safe, but it should also have a welcoming and calming vibe for patients and visitors as they enter.

The R-Tile is a durable and easy to install flooring option that gives you flexibility of design. With so many colours, designs such as slate effect and the ability to create branded flooring, we are sure you will be able to create a fantastic first impression.

Not only is the R-Tile available in versatile range of designs, it is also extremely durable, non-slip, wheelchair friendly and easy to keep clean. These interlocking floor tiles are quick and straightforward to install and benefit from requiring minimal sub floor preparation. They are made from hard wearing PVC material and come with a 15 year warranty.

Corridors and Communal Areas

Hospital corridors need to cope with foot traffic and heavy rolling loads such as patient beds, wheelchairs, equipment carts and medical carts on a continuous basis. It is essential that any flooring that needs to be replaced can be done so rapidly and with the minimum amount of disruptions. You also need to think about the durability of the flooring that you are laying in these crucial areas as this is the network that links the hospital together.

Using themed colours for your flooring can help to identify areas and create clear pathways between the different areas of care. By utilising specific colours and designs, you can also promote healing and help to reduce stress.

Rubber and Luxury Vinyl Tiles are two of the most popular flooring options for hospitals in these areas. The R-Tile is the perfect solution as no adhesive is required when fitting these tiles which means they are the quickest to install and ready to use immediately. This highly durable tile is scuff and scratch resistant, water repellent and won’t get damaged by any chemical spillages.

Another benefit of using the R-Tile is the variety of finishes available. It is easy to emulate natural materials such as wood or stone but for a fraction of the cost.

Nursing Stations and Treatment Areas

These areas are in constant use by staff and patients and as such the flooring needs to provide comfort and a soothing stress reducing feel. This area also needs to be highly durable to minimise the need for maintenance thereby reducing disruption.

Traditionally these areas were covered with linoleum and vinyl sheet flooring, but hospitals are realising that this is not necessarily the best type of flooring for durability and have started to move more toward tiled options.

Having a bio-based tile made from low-VOC materials is a good idea for these areas as the protective coatings will minimise scratching which means less need for waxing, buffing or chemical cleaning. The R-Tile, as mentioned above, fulfils all these criteria. Our protective coatings make these tiles resistant to most chemicals, water and scratches that require polishing out.

The free floating tiles are quick to install, meaning there is minimal disruption to these crucial areas. We can also use pre-adhesive backed tiles if required, but these are only really necessary where heavy plant traffic, such as fork-lift trucks are in use.

Patient Rooms

Patient rooms are usually designed to create a home-like feel keeping patients in a comfortable environment for the duration of their stay. Although ordinarily they wouldn’t require the same level of aseptic flooring as the rest of the hospital, this may now be something to reconsider.

Carpet tiles, linoleum and other flooring may now require replacing with a more durable and easy to maintain option. The advantage of the R-Tile is that is possible to have a finish that emulates a more homely, warm and inviting finish while still being simple to keep clean and free from contaminants.

Operating and Emergency Rooms

These rooms obviously need to meet the infection control requirements and be ready to use 24/7. You will need easy to clean materials that are able to be kept sterile. It is a good idea to have a smooth surface that has been properly installed to prevent any waste fluids or dirt from gathering beneath the floor.

R-tiles, sheet and linoleum will all work well in this environment as they all can be used to create a fully aseptic space and all come with coatings that resit chemical staining. The R-Tile requires minimal maintenance and none of the surfaces require polishing, waxing or buffing to keep clean. All these materials promote indoor air quality as they have low emissions of volatile organic compounds (low VOC).

In Conclusion

The non-slip safety aspect of the R-Tile makes it suitable for all areas within a hospital, including the cafeteria. The quick installation means that choosing to use R-Tiles will cause the least disruption to your hospital’s daily routines and the durability means that these tiles will last for many years.

Our protective coatings mean that the only cleaning that is required is a sweep and mop with regular soap or detergent of your choice. These warm tiles insulate your floor, require no adhesive and are fire retardant. Dust and noise is reduced and they are easy to maintain, move and reuse elsewhere.

If you are in need of a quick temporary floor during this time to ensure the safety of your patients, we can fit one over your existing flooring with minimal disruption to your routine.

If you would like to talk to us about your hospital’s flooring needs then please get in contact with one of our friendly staff today. We can arrange a free no-obligation quote for you and talk you through the best options for your hospital flooring.

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