chequered flooring

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R-Tile Chequered Flooring

The R-Tile chequered interlocking floor tile is available in 4mm thickness.

The R-Tile Chequer Plate interlocking floor tiles have all the same characteristics as our standard textured dove tail tile except it benefits from an interlocking system with matching key ways, that when installed renders the interlocking join virtually invisible resulting in an almost seamless floor.

The 4mm chequered floor tile is suitable for foot traffic areas only, and the 5/7mm is suitable for heavy foot traffic areas and light wheeled traffic e.g. car vehicles.

Both versions of the chequer plate interlocking floor tiles are loose lay, and quick and easy install with minimal sub floor preparation. All R-Tile interlocking floor tiles are made from hard wearing PVC material that can withstand high point loading and impact and come with a 15 year product warranty.

Easy to install

Lower life cycle cost

Reduces dust and noise

Easy to clean and maintain

Save Time

CE accredited

No damp proof membrane, screed or adhesives required

Environmentally sustainable

Excellent durability and slip resistance

Reduces fatigue

Warm – insulates the industrial floor

Choice of 10 colours


Check out our install and application gallery to give you an idea of the look and ability of our range for your next flooring project.

Uses For Industrial Floor Tiles

Check out our install and application gallery to give you an idea of the look and ability of the R-Tile flooring.

Weight & vehicle load information

This video showcases the various thickness of the Tile and what weight and vehicles they can handle in tough industrial working environments. R-Tek Manufacturing have over 20 years of experience in the industrial flooring industry and can tailor a bespoke industrial floor tile solution for you.

R-Tile Installation

Check out the R-Tile installation video that covers everything from the tools required to ensuring the interlocking is done correctly. For more information on how to install our industrial flooring solutions, contact us now.