Protecting Your Floors During Summer

Summer Flooring Maintenance Tips 

Having the correct summer flooring maintenance plan can ensure that a routine is followed with the correct equipment and time schedule in place. For example, if you are using the wrong mop or machine to clean the floor it can have a negative result allowing stains to become permanent or chemical spills to damage the floor space beyond repair.

The correct equipment

This can be a tricky point based on budget and floor space size. If you have a tile surface in a supermarket for example depending whether its over 200M2 you may need a large cleaning machine to clean quickly and effectively. Other surfaces such as PVC tiles will also be cleaned in the same manor. In larger industrial areas such as warehouses Epoxy can be difficult to clean no matter what machinery is being used.

In times of a rise in temperature heavy machinery and equipment should be checked for weight limitations as damage caused during a floor retracting or expanding can be difficult to reverse and can be permanent. Check with your flooring supplier for this information and technical specification.

Protection options

There are a number of protective options on the market for various floor surfaces. Everything from resin to PU coating can help against marks and even protect against staining or permanent marks.

Cleaning products and chemical

This can be a major oversite a lot of the time in commercial flooring options. Flooring such as wooden or stone floors can be damage by some cleaners including certain types of bleach. If cleaners are used with a high PH level they can remove protective wear layers. Careful consideration and planning should go into choosing the correct cleaning product and should be advised by an expert of the flooring manufacturer.

Protect Flooring from Sunlight

Having a floor in direct sunlight such as entrance areas or areas beside large windows can need to be treated differently to the rest of the floor space. Direct sunlight can not only heat up areas but the rays can react with adhesives and glues that may have been used to stick the flooring to the ground. For example the use of adhesive glue to stick down vinyl and PVC tiles is a must in areas with direct sunlight. This is a vital summer flooring maintenance tip.

Fridge and cold areas

Areas around fridges and other spaces that have a chance of flooding or water spillage must be treated as special areas and adhesives, cleaners and protective coatings chosen accordingly. Wooden flooring and carpet are flooring types that should be avoided around fridges or areas where water spillage may occur.

Air conditioning and temperature control 

Similar to extreme heat and sunlight cold air and spaces with low temperatures must be took into consideration. In hot summer weather companies and spaces can tend to increase air conditioning and flooring can contract for example vinyl flooring. Ensuring temperatures to not drop below a certain limit can ensure that no damage or retraction takes place with the commercial flooring.